Welcome to Nick Yates Software - as you can see its not Nick Yates its Genesys's website portal - What is Genesys?? a Windows cleaning tool, if your computer starts getting slow and you simply don't want to be interested in maintaining it your self this application does it for you... I know a lot of people are not interested in maintaining there computers they just want to switch it on and use it the way they prefer well this application can be set up for both simple and advanced use if you want a bit more control - "SIMPLE" will just carryout a basic clean all your junk data files you don't need, internet cache (what you have looked at) and even recorded cookies will be gone so no once has recorded your data, "ADVANCED" allows you to do a lot more and have more control on the Interface by customizing colours, layout what to clean and when because there is a lot of functions and features on the application for you to explore - The application is an on going project and will become friendly to the user - but I need support for this I am a single developer and need support for my work, I have not developed Websites for a good six months and have been developing this project a lot longer putting my heart in to this project and others and need your help by just donating, once I start getting payments ill put up a thank you page to those donated ...     any donations will be sent via PayPal to nick@nick-yates.co.uk - - If you have any ideas or even product ideas you can send me a message .... thank you
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How to use

Genesys is simple,  fast and does what it says!!

Runs at startup

Runs once a day

Lasts a few minutes


If you never heard of the Genesys File Cleaning project well its not the end of the world or something like that its a piece of software I developed I have worked on for a long time in fact its over 3 years old in the making, it originally was an application I wrote when I was going to customers properties and business which just simply cleaned up all the junk files left behind by Windows and the other applications installed on a computer, it does not delete any particular files, it’s not an anti-virus nor a security program it just makes it more simple to know that when you come to use the computer the files and all the junk data which is taking up space on your computer has been removed and therefore increasing performance as Windows does not been to search through files to get to your files.


Keep a Secret or code KAS2017 is a powerful but simple tool designed for everyday use, it can store files via cloud services like with drop box ect which is useful for setting up reminders store documents which can be encrypted further just in case the cloud service is hacked, bare in mind if its FREE does not mean its safe! The application contains



Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10

32 or 64 Bit OS

Internet Access

Welcome to GENESYS

Both Keep a secret and Genesys File Cleaner have a trial period in which you test and if you are happy with what the product does you are offered the choice to pay or to uninstall it.

To pay simply go to Donate

Do you like my website work?

Why not hire me to design your website or update your existing!!

Professional looking websites for any business, hobby and personal needs.

The websites can look and feel as good as the corporate's websites, make a good impression to your customers at a price you can afford.

I have been a Web developer since 1999 with over 200 websites developed for many customers like roofing companies, Textile printers, Retailers, Hobby, Waste management and many more.

Even though I ask for donation non of the money I make is for profit its simply for personal savings.

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Keep a secret is a powerful application suite that allows you to have easy access to files, protect your documents, share them and secure and encrypt them and even purge them.  Keeps a diary of events that can be shared between jobs and the cloud, capture and edit screen shots and so much more.

See information   


Genesys File Cleaning utility - For All Windows 32 and 64 platforms, cleans all your system, browsing and junk data and helps the performance of your PC run faster and more stable please note - some security program may need to add this as an exception.

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Finally managed to get both Genesys and Keep A secret digitally signed, this means that its safe to download and run and should not be blocked by anti-virus applications installed on your computer.

If you have any issues still just simply now add to exceptions as its in its infancy and has to go around the anti-virus vendors databases to flag it as safe.

Thank you.

What is digitally signed?

Click here

Article is from Microsoft Tech Net

Why hire a website developer instead of using a do it your self website.

There are limitations to websites when it comes to companies such as WIX, 1&1 etcetera when you have your website with them they have control of your website as the web editor is owned by the company and also the hosting storage this makes it harder to have access and it is harder to export/transfer out because the website uses there scripts and layout functions and sometimes the service provider maybe a little shifty as they want you to stay in a contract with them so if you try to transfer out the website it maybe still linked or your in for problems with the website company because they will not release the URL this is common.

So when a developer is hired mostly I will develop the website and have it fully stored on an offline storage or away from standard use and not shared with service providers your website is complete all the source code, graphics, scripts and layout is yours and can be stored on a DVD or CD which means when I sell you the website or the work carried out its your property all the passwords, emails, login detail everything is passed on to you because you paid for the website … its yours.

No limitations - All graphics, scripts and templates are original and designed around your business model, a little white lie I admit sometimes I will use certain templates to get an idea this just gives me the concept of what the site should look and feel like.. Not a copy but a trend in the design.

S.E.O & Back links - Free for 6 months, manually delivered to the major search engines which submits to some of the most powerful search engines on the planet mainly Google, Ask, Yahoo, MSN to name the main ones plus over over 10,000 back links to Blogs and Forums in addition we can also add Facebook business sites which is based around the social networking world which will add yet more.


How to use Genesys a Quick Start Guide

What to do to setup and configure Genesys to suit your needs

This application can be setup to clean up your computer when you start the PC up, Shutdown or even when you choose - its up to the user to decide when you need the clean and how it works.

Look at the Quick Start Guide

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Application being digitally signed means that it has a trusted certificate so that you are assured that the application is safe to download and run to show/test the certificate exists simply right click and bring up properties and show either application KAS2017 or GFCFULL to see the certificate.