Downloading and Installation

Downloading and installing is simple go to the download icon and download the program from the server, simply double click on GFCSetup for the installation process to begin you will possibly get a few error messages but this is only because I have made it still compatible with older versions of Windows as some users still use the Windows XP platform and I want to make sure its user friendly, make sure to just ignore any error messages .

Making the product work

The application is developed to run on most versions of Windows, however some versions of Windows 7 that have not been updated i.e. Windows update so that the next service packs which contains certain files that Genesys uses,  if not installed this may not allow the application to run correctly or even runs at all.

I have tested the application on Windows XP, Windows 7 all updates, Windows 8 & 8.1 and all versions of Windows 10 apart from “S” edition and appears to run correctly without any crash issues but these have been updated to the most up to date of service packs and updates.

If your still having issues after the updates check your Internet security program some of these vendors may by default lock out applications that are not in there safe application database, as my program is in its early stages these vendors may flag the application as a virus or an attack and in some cases will run the program in a virtual environment like a VM Machine which wont allow access to certain information such as the registry or environmental settings used by the OS which Genesys also will use to maintain and execute various application and post processing data relevant for Genesys to do its clean up tasks.  So from time to time we may get a run time issue of sorts with the application but like said it generally can be sorted with a Windows update thus fixing the issue and applying the needed files to run the Genesys application correctly.


Anti-Virus and Genesys

In most cases now that Genesys is digitally signed some Virus vendors will still flag the application as a false positive this is because the vendors set there applications to be too sensitive and there fore will place the gfcfull.exe application in the vendors virus chest or run it in a virtual environment which obviously won’t allow the application to run correctly... You need to Add the application to exceptions to make it safe to use once this is complete the application will work correctly.

What is digitally signed?

When an application is downloaded many times.  Sometimes 3rd party baddies (scammers) may alter the setup files or add damaging code or even add more dangerous files to the setup files of the application so that it installs along side my applications as a so called add-on or known also as bundle without my knowledge, what digitally signed does is provides proof the file was registered at origin that means the application did not get altered in anyway example is shown left when you right click on my application’s exe file such as  GFCsetup or GFCFULL or KAS2017 files they will show something similar to the image which will help you understand that the application is safe to use and there fore has not been changed in anyway as its been signed on the machine I used to develop the application (origin) of executable.

Image left demonstrates.

Download and try for 30 days

Minimum Requirements

Single core CPU AMD / INTEL

1GB Ram

ADSL/Fibre Internet Connection (essential)

OS Windows 32 and 64 Platform (up to date)

1GB HDD Minimum Storage

Please note if you get the error “Unexpected Error” please run the Windows updates until the program executes, Genesys requires certain patches from Microsoft to run correctly.


A word to the people who do change or add ect any of my applications without my consent, I will do what ever is in my power legally to protect my products and anyone violating the files will be prosecuted under copyright protection laws and non-authorised alterations will be subject to rules and regulations based in there country as a criminal act.


Download digital - trial version

For Windows OS

32 /64 bit version

If you see this message don’t panic yet! You will need to update your Windows Updates as some of the functions my program uses needs Windows updates! Keep running updates until there is no more to do.

Go to RUN AS (WIN+R) and type this below

wuauclt.exe /updatenow

GFC Genesys

  • Download it
  • Install it
  • Configure it the way you want it
  • The rest is up to Genesys
  • Wait for the results

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