Genesys File Clean Manual and Quick Reference.

GFC Genesys File Cleaner is a Windows based application designed to simply maintain your computer on a daily basis the idea is to help your computer run at a optimal performance by carrying out basic clean up tasks on start up of the computer or shutdown of the computer without the users interacting with the product unless they really need too.  There is a lot of functionality inside the tool but that is for the user to explore, most people in this day and age just want to click a button and its all done!! And that is also the idea for the way I have developed the application to run so you get the best of both worlds.

Genesys functions and tasks below

The main interface for the express part of Genesys is shown left and this contains a timer which you can pause by pressing PAUSE TIMER, this will pause the timer if you have forgot something and you have issued a shutdown or reset and it gives you the change to do last minute changes.

Help pages

By using this icon you have the choice of the online and the built in wizard help pages.

Minimize to Task bar icon

Clicking on this launches the options to Minimize the application to the desktop as a task bar icon which is controlled by menu.  


Advanced Users interface

Only available for certain versions of Genesys, this will show customisable functional menus

Run once per day

You can choose to run the clean up only once per day this means that even if you reset the computer Genesys will only clean up Windows once unless you choose to force a clean.

Options tool bar

Tool bar configuration for the clean up timer, below you can see a dialog box what the icon will present to you.

The update module

Allows Genesys to connect to the server and download the latest version of the Genesys project. This section will be updated later.

[I wish to use Genesys to shutdown my PC] is available in a future version.

Days Sat - Friday is allowing you to clean on certain days too, ALL Picks all and None Picks none and WeekEnd only pick Sat & Sun.

Time counts down from say “5” and then will minimize to the icon below.

Once the timer has reached 0, the application will be placed on the tool bar.  And options are active if you click mouse over and click.

Additional : Kill Switch options terminates any browser now from the menu, Ideal for page hijacks.

These are the options for the right click on mouse over the icon referred right.

Extra Tools - Sometimes shown

In future versions you will be presented sometimes with the above icon which will show Extra Tools, these are mainly for test purposes but I will include them anyway so you get to test them.  

Choose Clean up timer

Default is 5 for Clean up timer, this allows you to set the timer count down from 15 seconds down to 3 seconds, this will count down to 0 then the Genesys application will automatically carryout the cleaning process.

Number of seconds before shutdown

Default = 60 seconds (1 minute), by choosing the 10 to 60 boxes will preset the timer, a small icon of a tick will appear to confirm, so if you click on the tick the amount is set to default.

When select selecting the number a tick box appears make sure you click on that to set the option

Choose (x) /exit to close.

Quick run guide


Shutdown Computer

Reset Computer

Just exit

Depending on which you choose the computer will carry out that instruction however this will only be temporary unless you click the Tick to make it a default for every time you run Genesys,

Will start the clean up process and carry out the After clean up function when completed

Will just cancel the clean up process and display the genesys wizard which will allow customizations to genesys


The automated process cleans the following:- in Brief

Additional functions and custom tools within the Genesys application.

The genesys clean up tool wizard.

As you can see if you click “NO” on the previous menu you will be greeted with this screen, this allows custom controls to be setup described simply on the screen

Simple - Most common options chosen by us to allow you to do a simple single user clean up of your system.

Advanced - allows the settings to me in depth. Ideal for colleges, multiple user accounts and so on.

Genesys Menu Driven interface

Even though there is a simple clean up interface there is also this built in custom menu system which does the same as the front screen version but a lot more to play with like defragmenter and even more powerful functions for managing the browsers such as change the interface colours.

Script editor

You can build your own script file which can be launched within Genesys


Confirm will not prompt changes

Script Command - Dos Commands you can use

Compile - Compile the script

SAVE / LOAD the script file.


Presets:Express (the most common settings) Recommended (similar to Express), Minimum (ideal for people who don’t want to clean up lots of data), ALL Most secure.

Clean Browsers - You choose to totally reset the browsers to default factory settings ideal for systems which are used by many users or if the browsers have been attacked by homepage hijackers and popup malware.

Bulk Hard drive defragmenter and cleaner

Pick the most common drives you use and want to defragment or clear the recycle bins using a purge (most powerful cleaning utility)

[OS] Chooses the OS drives this contains partitions for more than just Windows

[*.*] And with X - Pick all drives or X for none of them

The options at bottom are related to the way Windows de-fragments your drive, Clean Recycle Bin will also purge the drive so its harder for people to recover your data ideal for people to destroy a drives data then sell the drive on or a computer containing a hard drive which has been purged by Genesys.

Activating your copy.

When you close the application there is a Window which has a shutdown timer of up to 120 seconds (2 minutes)

There is a trial period of 30 days this means you can use the application for 30 days to try out however when you close the application advert (RIGHT) there is a timer which wont allow you to close the program until CLOSE (0) however if you purchase the product your key will disable any counters or restrictions.



System recommendations:

Os : Windows 32 bit and 64 bit, minimum of 4 GB HDD/SSD space

Memory : 2GB

Basic skills of installing software.  Can you download, install and run it your good to go!

In depth the cleaning tool is constantly changing and to be honest I have set out basic instructions on how to use the application, like most of the application developed this is will become more simple to use as the hands on approach meaning that you should be able to understand the interface quickly and be able to use it without worrying about learning how to use it from scratch every time a new version comes out.

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